Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing

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Written by two highly experienced eMarketing experts, the book shows you how to: draw up an outline e-marketing plan; evaluate and apply e-marketing principles and models; integrate online and offline communications; implement customer-driven e-marketing; reduce costly trial and error; measure and enhance your e-marketing; and, drive your e-business forward Established marketing concepts such as customer relationship management, the marketing mix and widely adopted SOSTAC R planning system, are re- examined in the new media context - and new approaches explained including blogs, search engine marketing, viral marketing and E-CRM.

Offering a highly structured and accessible guide to a critical and far- reaching subject, "eMarketing eXcellence, third edition" provides a vital reference point for all students and managers involved in marketing strategy and implementation. The best selling practitioner eMarketing book arrives in its third edition - totally revised and enhanced with new features, contemporary examples and up-to-date theory.

Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing

Each chapter is structured with the following fantastic features: Introduction; Chapter Summary; References; Further Reading; Web Links; Self-test; and, eMarketing practitioner interviews. Access the eBook.

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It makes it easy to scan through your lists and keep track of progress. Now in its fourth edition, the hugely successful Emarketing Excellence is fully updated; keeping you in line with the changes in this dynamic and exciting field and helping you create effective and up-to-date customer-centric e-marketing plans. A practical guide to creating and executing e-marketing plans, it combines established approaches to marketing planning with the creative use of new e-models and e-tools.

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This new edition seamlessly integrates social media technology like Facebook check-in, social networking, tablets and mobile applications into the mix, demonstrating how these new ways to reach customers can be integrated into your marketing plans. It also includes brand new sections on online marketing legislation and QR codes, plus an expanded section on email marketing, the most commonly used e-marketing tool.


Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing Your Digital Marketing

No complicated techniques just straightforward digital marketing sense and an empowering toolkit of models and strategies. Should be used by any serious digital marketer! This book lays bare the forest and the trees, helps you determine which trees are most beneficial and provides the necessary clues for harvesting them. A must read.

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  • Chaffey and Smith deftly guide readers through the constantly changing landscape of e-marketing, from strategy to implementation, in ten clear, concise chapters. A must-have for every teacher and marketer's library. In this new edition, the authors have comprehensively updated the content to reflect the latest developments in the rapidly-changing digital landscape.

    Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing - PDF Drive

    Emarketing Excellence will continue to meet the learning needs of students and practitioners alike. There is a great balance between a big picture approach and getting down to the technical aspects of actually doing it through a range of media including social and mobile. This book is perfect for those studying advanced marketing or those working in marketing who need to get a handle on technology.