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I think but don't know that Monogame is some kind of wrapper for XNA 4. Books on XNA whatever the final version was will directly apply to monogame.

2D Space Shooter Tutorial Series - XNA 4.0 - Overview

From the perspective of your game code, it does not know the difference between xna and monogame and should behave identically built against either. The exception to this is the Microsoft. Net namespace, which contains things that may not even apply to some platforms how to show your xbox profile avatar on an ipad?

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The way MonoGame does content building is slightly different i. Haiku summary. Add to Your books.

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    I've taken a look at what all the references are and can't work out if the tutorial has neglected something. I understand that I'm supposed to be able to add the component to the container class Game1.


    Download Learning Xna 4.0: Game Development For The Pc, Xbox 360, And Windows Phone 7

    I'd like to think it is something I have missed, but the tutorial mentions neither constructor method during its steps, nor what they are doing which I had to look up myself obviously. You still have wrog constructors. Did you check the example from chapter 15 completly? The SplashScreen only has one constructor that takes a game as argument! But I would ask such questions in an XNA related forum. Thank you for your reply, I've posted on that forum also, however it seems to be phone7 and XBox orientated, so whether I get something is another matter.

    Learning XNA Game Development for the PC, Xbox , and Windows Phone 7 | dycifavoci.tk

    On the chance that there may be someone else on this forum that can answer the topics question I'll leave this open. The XNA Framework is the framework build for these platforms. So you should find a forum where you are on topic there. Then you will find, that the SplashScreen of the example has only one constructor which takes a Game as argument.


    And maybe all other errors will be gone then, too. I am wondering about Error Nr. Then it should be gone, because you use the variable and it can be compiled now this will be a Game instance so the constructor will be ok and the variable is then used The errors are as follows. Code has remained the same aside from one less constructor the first 1. Tried it the other way around so that it was the second constructor being removed and not the first and instead had the following errors.

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