Managing Active Directory for Windows 2000 Server

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Manage Active Directory in Windows 2000 Professional

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It is about the changes in Active Directory that came about when Windows Server was released. In this article, we will examine the changes that occurred when the initial release of Windows Server hit the streets. In a later article, we'll look at additional changes that came about with the release of Windows Server , Service Pack 1.

Unlike the transformation in the directory service architecture that took place between Windows NT and Windows , the changes you see between Windows and Windows Server are much more incremental in nature.

What is Active Directory (AD)? - Definition from Techopedia

Windows Server is grounded in the same Active Directory structure in Windows where each domain controller holds a read-write copy of the AD database, relying on multi-master replication to keep everything up-to-date. You can also now select multiple objects simultaneously for editing or deletion, and save commonly-used queries within the ADUC console window. Although really, if you're going to be working with more than one object at a time, I would recommend that you get out of the MMC console anyway and use command-line tools or scripts to take away some of your administrative burdens.

Windows Server includes a number of built-in command-line tools that were not available in Windows , including:. Another new feature is the "Install from Media" option for promoting new domain controllers into a domain. In Windows , if you needed to install a domain controller at a remote location, you had one of two options:.

Enter the "Install From Media" feature. For those of us who run extremely decentralized environments, this is one of those "Where has this been all my life?

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Another significant change, particularly for larger environments, is a replication enhancement called linked-value replication for objects such as Active Directory group objects. In Windows , a group's membership list was replicated as one single block of information. This led to a number of potential problems, such as the following:. Linked-value replication solves these problems by replicating these multi-valued attributes separately. In our first example above, the addition of jsmith and the removal of bthomas would be replicated as two separate transactions, allowing both updates to be applied without causing a replication conflict.

Continue to accept the default values and clicking Next until the Summary window is displayed, then click Next.

MS Windows 2000 Server Administration

Windows Support Tools contains the ktpass Kerberos tool you need to map a service principal with an Active Directory account. For information about ktpass , see the Ktpass Overview. Log into the new domain account from any Windows XP workstation belonging to the domain.

You can use the Windows Support Tools to verify that the Kerberos ticket is returned by the Kerberos Authentication Server and cached into the ticket cache.

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Windows Server domain functional levels are discussed in Chapter 5, "Managing Access to Resources. Windows mixed also supports the newer Kerberos authentication protocol that is used by the Windows native and the Windows Server domain functional levels.

Windows 9x and Windows NT 4. When Windows 9x computers log on to a Windows NT 4. To add support for Windows 9x and Windows NT 4. The Active Directory client software dsclient. The Windows NT 4.

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Talking Shop: Brush up on Active Directory for the Win2K Server exam

For computers running Windows NT, Windows , Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server , you create accounts for those computers when you join them to the Windows Server Active Directory domain, provided that computer accounts for those computers have not been prestaged. For example, on a Windows Professional or Server system, you join the computer to a domain by following these steps:.

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Figure 2. If you have difficulty joining the domain, be sure to check the computer for any physical network connectivity problems. For example, you can type ping Perhaps the computer is not registered with an appropriate DNS server on your network. You can also click Start, Run; type dsa.

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By creating a computer account in Active Directory before the computer joins the domain, you can determine exactly where in the directory the computer account will be placed. The default location for computers joined to a domain without prestaging is the Computers container.

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  5. In addition, prestaging computer accounts gives administrators more control over Remote Installation Services RIS installations. You can specify that only prestaged computer accounts can be installed via RIS.