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The book begins with a short review of a few topics that should be familiar to the student from a general physics course. Students will have already become acquainted with vectors in the general physics course.

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The notion of magnetic flux provides a physical connection with the integral theorems of vector calculus. Ordinary differential equations are introduced in Chapter 5. The book is written nicely and can be very helpful for the students of physics who need mathematical background tailored especially for their needs.

The author bases the mathematical discussions on specific physical problems to provide a basis for developing mathematical intuition.

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It has no exercises, it is skimpy on examples and most of these occur towards the end of the text , and it has a ridiculous cover price. About the first third of the book deals with complex analysis, although little use is made of it later.

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  4. The last half of the book deals with differential equations and boundary value problems. Very Bad Features: 1 No exercises. The author attempts to justify this in the Foreword p.

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