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I have a part with many primitive groups and it would be good to be able to visualise the groups in the viewport instead of having to manually find what refers to what by stumbling around with the delete sop. Any ideas? Ok so there's a way of doing this by using the select tool and choosing groups in the context menu above, a list then appears to the right and everything is color coded.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Black-box recognition of finite simple groups of Lie type by statistics of element orders Cyclic regular subgroups of primitive permutation groups Dade's conjecture and wreath products On the centers of maximal subgroups of locally finite simple groups of alternating type On barely transitive -groups with soluble point stabilizer Bounds in groups with finite abelian coverings or with finite derived groups Classifying spaces for proper actions of locally finite groups The dimension subgroup conjecture holds for odd order groups Groups generated by two bicyclic units in integral group rings The geometry of groups satisfying weak almost-convexity or weak geodesic-combability conditions.

Cyclic regular subgroups of primitive permutation groups. About the article Published Online : Published in Print : Citing Articles Here you can find all Crossref-listed publications in which this article is cited.

Permutation groups containing a regular abelian subgroup: the tangled history of two mistakes of Burnside. DOI: On weakly symmetric graphs of order twice a prime square. Finding a cycle base of a permutation group in polynomial time.

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Finite permutation groups containing a transitive abelian subgroup. On the reducibility behavior of Thue polynomials. On Schur 2-Groups. Polynomials Invertible in k-Radicals. Finite primitive permutation groups containing a permutation having at most four cycles. • Why primitive groups? - Leggi argomento

On some universal construction of minimal topological generating sets for inverse limits of iterated wreath products of non-Abelian finite simple groups. Finite vertex-primitive edge-transitive metacirculants. Finite permutation groups with a regular dihedral subgroup, and edge-transitive dihedrants. Locally primitive Cayley graphs of dihedral groups.

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Classification of half-arc-transitive graphs of order. A family of edge-transitive Frobenius metacirculants of small valency.

Classifying a family of edge-transitive metacirculant graphs. Primitive permutation groups with a regular subgroup. Common circulant homogeneous factorisations of the complete digraph.

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Finite edge-transitive dihedrant graphs. Attachments: grp. Forgot your password? Advanced Search. Forums Technical Discussion Group primitive groups if not connected?

Primitive Group Action

Group primitive groups if not connected? Cetras Member 41 posts Joined: Offline. Hi Everybody, I've got a problem with groups and can't find how to solve it.

The idea is, I need to group differents groups of prim only if they're not connected to each other.