Validation and Verification of Knowledge Based Systems - Theory, Tools and Practice

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European Symposium on Validation and Verification of Knowledge Based Systems (EUROVAV)

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May Archived from the original on 20 July July Retrieved 20 March Retrieved 10 February Archived from the original PDF on 12 October Getting the math right. Getting the physics right. Providing an accurate FE analysis.

Checking the FEA against test. From these definitions, verification is very much to do with the typical checking process we should be going through when developing an FEA model.

The validation process comes down to checking the FEA model against available test data. The checklist and checking process is a vital part of any traditional analysis plan, but we must do more than that. Getting the physics right was attributed to validation in the table. However predicting the physics is an important part of verification in practice. The intention is to define this as an evaluation of the FEA model results against test evidence, but it should not be taken to mean we ignore any prior test evidence and experience.

A simplification of that chart is shown in Fig. The early planning and assessment of the applicability of both the FEA model simulation methods and the test program to the real world structure and environment is done formally. It is also an integrated process between analysis and test disciplines.

Validation and Verification of Knowledge Based Systems

It was noticeable that these were smaller organizations where good integration already existed and understanding of the physics, applicable modeling techniques and reasons for field failure all increased. Effective redesign and preventative new design capabilities improved significantly.


The comparisons between test and analysis are based on a set of metrics the more the better. These give a broader validation between model and test and also provide a richer archive of legacy data. Early program comparisons of test and analysis can help both plans and assumptions evolve. Many companies use FEA to predict test fixture strength and stiffness.

In some cases, interaction between fixture and test article is inevitable and can be quantified dynamic interaction or fixture flexibility.

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The positioning of the verification step can be seen in Fig. Interestingly, Code Verification is included upstream of that. In many cases, repeating formal benchmarks of classical solutions to check the FEA Solver accuracy would be redundant. However, as we move more into multiphysics, micro mechanics and other less understood areas, it may well be that Code Verification responsibility has to move away from the FEA Vendor.

Validation and Verification of Knowledge Based Systems: Theory, Tools…

Uncertainty Qualification I am not qualified to comment on Uncertainty Qualification in test, but believe it is an inexact science in FEA. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. Verification and validation are terms that have been used for several years in software engineering, and there are now many verification and validation techniques, plus considerable experience and expertise in using them.

Volume 5 , Issue 4.

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