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The Good and the Bad of .NET Framework Programming

Using a TypeDescriptionProvider to support dynamic run-time properties. This articles explains how to implement a TypeDescriptionProvider for a class to support multiple object types using a single class type. To get qualified access to paper based information, sometimes more than plain OCR is needed. This article shows why, and offers a solution to increase OCR quality by semi-automatic table extraction. Wexflow - Open source workflow engine. A high-performance, extensible, modular and cross-platform workflow engine.

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Discussions Works great, except. NET VB Net Boost bootstrap Bridge. Skill Level Advanced Beginner Intermediate. Select New in the upper right corner of the image. Visual Studio for Mac displays the New Project dialog:. On the new project dialog, choose ". You'll need to select the target framework. The default is fine, so press next. You can use the default project location. Don't add this project to source control. Visual Studio for Mac opens your project.

Visual Studio for Mac builds your project, converting the source code into an executable. Let's examine the important parts of this program.


The first line contains a comment. This is shown in the following example. A C console application must contain a Main method, in which control starts and ends. The Main method is where you create objects and execute other methods.

The Main method is a static method that resides inside a class or a struct. In the previous "Hello World! You can declare the Main method in one of the following ways:. The parameter of the Main method, args , is a string array that contains the command-line arguments used to invoke the program. For more information about how to use command-line arguments, see the examples in Main and Command-Line Arguments. NET Framework.

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The statement System. WriteLine "Hello World! This is one of the output methods of the Console class in the run-time library. It displays its string parameter on the standard output stream followed by a new line. Other Console methods are available for different input and output operations.

Installing C# support

If you include the using System; directive at the beginning of the program, you can directly use the System classes and methods without fully qualifying them. For example, you can call Console. WriteLine instead of System. WriteLine :. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast.